Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Giving things up for Lent

As far as New Years Resolutions are concerned, I'm not actually doing too bad. I've slacked off a bit with the exercise, but i've been super busy (lazy) and it's hard to find time (want to do it) but i'll try to get better again!

I've also not had any alcoholic drinks this year, I didn't want to give up drinking completely but just be healthier with it, and so far so good!

As this is the first year i've actually stuck to my new years resolutions (sort of) I thought i'd challenge myself and give something up for lent, or rather 3 things:

1. Diet Coke - I drink far too much, like 2 a day sometimes more, not good!
2. Crisps - I eat too many, because they taste too good, S&V McCoys are my downfall!
3. Chocolate - Same thing, but how can anyone resist the little Malteaster Bunnies and Galaxy Eggs??

I know i'm probably setting myself up to fail, but it's nice to actually give it a try! There's still a week left before shrove tuesday, so hopefully I can get it out of my system before then!

I guess these could fall into the category of me trying to be healthier, but I think mainly I spend far too much on them, and maybe I won't be such a poor student if I stop it! haha :) I also bake so much, but if I can stay away from chocolate then that's not cheating right? ;) No more of these brownies though! :( 

Although I did bake those for my boyfriend to take to work, so I didn't even keep them!

I wonder what everyone else is giving up for lent, it has to be a challenge! Then its so much better when easter gets here! I'm already looking forward to my giant kinder easter egg. So excited :D

Love Amylou x

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Benefit Primers and Urban Decay

I am so bad at keeping a blog! Actually terrible! One day i'll get better, maybe, hopefully.

So I think the last thing I blogged about was buying a primer? At first, I thought it was amazing, but I think I was using way too much, because it just made my skin feel like I was wearing way too much make up, and I just wanted to take it off! At first I didn't really notice, but then after a few days, I wasn't loving it so much anymore!


I've started just using a tiny bit, and mixing it in with my moisturiser, and it's far better now. So even though I know nothing about it, i'd say personally that's the best way for me to use it! I also tried the small 'that gal' primer that came in my kit and it is amazing. It works just the same as the pore minimiser primer but it smells like bubblegum, and its just so nice!

My newest favourite product is the eye-shadow primer from Urban Decay. I used to have some when I was younger and I never thought it really made much of a difference, but I recently bought the Urban Decay Naked Palette and it came with a free eye-shadow primer and my make-up just looks so much better now! It really stops it from smudging and settling into lines, and if you use it on your bottom lash line it means you can use the eye-shadows as eye-liners and they don't drop which is amazingly useful. If you want to look at the naked palette (which you definitely should) you can get it here:

my favourite palette, I just need to get the other 2 now!

I know everyone goes on about how amazing this palette is, so i'll let you find out for yourself how good it is. But honestly I don't know why I ever bought anything else! It's every colour you could possibly need, and they are such good quality. I just need to get the second and third one now!

I didn't mean for this blog to just turn into make-up that I like! I'll have to try and mix it up for the next one! 

Love Amylou x